• Custom Luxury Home

    The purchase of a new home is a huge event in your life but rest assured, you won't be going through the process alone. We build a partnership through your new home build.


Custom Home Construction

Just because you are building or remodeling a luxury home does not mean you should not get the best price possible for the highest quality product. Our experienced architects, engineers, and carpenters help you build or remodel your home with unique features that meet your practical needs as much as your style. We offer design-build and construction management services to save you time and money. We will exceed your expectations for customer service. Our construction management services allow us to coordinate the work of various contractors while you attend to your busy schedule.

Keric, Inc specializes in custom luxury home construction. Whether you are looking for a full design-build service to construct your dream home or remodeling an existing home, we do the job right the first time.

Designing your dream home can be intimidating. We meet with each homeowner to determine their individual style and practical needs. We partner with architects and designers to ensure your completed home will have the unique features you desire, along with the required specifications. Keric, Inc saves you time and money by transitioning the finished design seamlessly into the building process.

We provide:

  • Pre-construction Consultation
  • Design-build Services
  • Construction Management
  • Post-construction Follow-up

The Perfect Home

When it comes to a perfect home, everyone has a different dream. Guiding you through the process, to personalize your home, to bring your vision to life is what matters most to us. 

A custom built home compliments your lifestyle and families needs. Let us help you build your trust in us to develop the perfect project for your family.